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WTF? Monster in my garden!

What WAS was that in the back garden?

Took the dogs out for a quick pee break, and somewhere in the bushes I could hear a large shuffling grunting thing.  Hounds shot after it and then Mollydog SCREAMED and they both came hurtling back to me. (Bob simply stood there throughout and looked confused). 

I'm guessing badger, on the grounds that I'm pretty sure there are no pigs in my garden.  It  sounded like a pig.  An angry pig. A HUGE angry pig! 

Looks like whatever it did to Mollydog she ran away fast enough not to get visibly hurt.  Phew. 


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9th Mar, 2011 06:54 (UTC)
Sensible Bob! My brother's terriers have had various run-ins with the badgers over the years and have always come off worst...
9th Mar, 2011 08:19 (UTC)
One thing I do applaud in my dogs is their devotion to self-preserving cowardice...

I imagine a badger could make a right mess of a tough leathery terrier, I don't even want to think about what it might do to a greyhound, all made of silk and sticks.
9th Mar, 2011 07:31 (UTC)
If only you'd managed to take a picture. I seem to remember that 10000 points and worldwide fame were promised to anyone who could snap a proper picture of the Beast of Bodmin during that New Year treasure hunt. That was written on the assumption that it was an enormous Big Cat, but I don't see why it can't be a mythical boar instead. (The Beastly Boar of Bodmin Moor, just a little bit lost.)
9th Mar, 2011 08:17 (UTC)
OK, I was assuming it MUST be a badger, but have just googled and found several reported sightings of wild boar in the immediate area here : http://www.britishwildboar.org.uk/

I don't think this one quite gets the 10000 points as it was apparently taken in Horrabridge, so the wrong side of Tamar - but that's still within the treasure hunt area!

9th Mar, 2011 09:25 (UTC)
Did they ever catch those beavers in Gunnislake...?
9th Mar, 2011 11:02 (UTC)
Last I heard there was one still at large, but that was in 2009, surely they must have caught him by now.
9th Mar, 2011 13:12 (UTC)
Do wild boar eat beavers?
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