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State of the garden in March : I am become Death, the destroyer of brambles

 Hmm, well.   After a good start to last year, things in the garden got a bit out of hand from around August ( I blame the distraction of Duke the Doop) and what with one thing and another, an awful lot of it has gone backwards and is all to do again.  Woe. 

I had made good headway on destroying the head vampires biggest bramble roots, but after six months neglect, even though most of those months were absurdly cold, the bigger bloodsuckers have come bouncing back and have thrown their evil clone-roots in many directions.  2010 was an excellent blackberry year too, and I suspect the birds (Quisling traitors!)  have also done their part. 

So, I have spent much of this weekend pulling brambles, rolling them up into bundles and flinging them on the 'to burn' pile.   I also filled two large tubtrugs with assorted weedings (mostly grass), pulled up some of the escaped raspberry canes,  and laid a few feet of hedge (up by the raised beds).   I also took a long hard look at my cherry tree, Summer Sun, and decided that her two bottom branches were just too low and in the way, so have removed them before the sap really starts flowing. 

The Morwellham pear tree already has big leaf-buds showing!   I've trimmed all the new fruit trees a bit so that they only have branches right on the top, as I want them to form a canopy, rather than a mass of branches that stop you walking through the garden. 

There's so much left to do! 
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