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Dog-related agonisings

 I've booked the dogs in with a new dogsitter, as I felt they needed more gentle exercise than the previous one offered.    I'd exchanged emails and explained that Az is easily stressed by traffic noise and doesn't cope well in built-up areas, and I thought this met the specification in that respect. 

However, I've just got directions to the place, and having had a look at the place in Google Maps, it's just off the A386 going through Tavistock and surrounded by other houses.   OK, it's on the quieter Dartmoor side of town and not that far from open country, but I can't imagine there isn't a fair bit of traffic coming through there in the mornings, given that there is a school along there and it's the main road into town from the East.   I just hope it's not going to stress him out too much. 

I should have phoned rather than emailling her before booking them in.  I emailled cos I'd lost my voice with cold, but I really wish I'd called and whispered at her (or put the whole thing off till recovered) and really investigated the whole 'noise' thing more thoroughly.

They are going there next week to try it out, but I'm a bit worried. :-( 

While I'm at it, I'm a bit worried about Molls as well - she's had an awful case of the runs last day or so, didn't want her tea and has been sick a couple times this evening.  Off to the vet tomorrow I think. 
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