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Riddle me this

Is it a cormorant or shag, a-searching for a paper bag?
Is it a large mis-shapen duck?
(I did not hear it quack, or cluck)

Or is it something strange and new 
to stop the visitors getting bored
placed there in secret, by canoe
to lure the twitchers in their hordes? 

It's a pity that I was carrying the Nex 3 camera when I saw this rather than my old compact superzoom: the 18-55mm lens has not done a bad job, but can't really get all that close.

I have been looking at zoom lenses. Ideally I'd like the E mount 18-200mm, but I really can't justify £630 on a lens, so I'm thinking I might see if I can get a second hand older manual focus lens and an adaptor - the NEX3 can connect to pretty much any manufacturers lens as long as it doesnt' have to autofocus, so that might be interesting (and cheap) to try for this sort of thing.
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