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Az has poorly toof

Az and Bob have been in for their vaccination boosters.  Az, as usual, behaved like he expected the vet to hit him.

Bob, as usual, behaved like he wanted the vet, the vet nurses, the receptionist, and random people in the reception area, to give him a big hug... Eventually, most of them gave in, and did.

Az has cracked one of his big canine teeth, it has died and needs to be removed.  Vet thinks there is probably a little abcess under it.  On the plus side, I did renew Az's vet insurance this year, as it's still significantly cheaper than Mollydog's so will only have to pay the excess. Which is something.

At the farmer's market on Saturday, I bought some steaks, and the gentleman on the stall then gave me 3 giant beef bones, and a huge bag of gristle,  wobbly bits and offcuts of steak - all free!   The hounds were delighted.  I tried feeding the meaty stuff raw, but it gave Bob the runs (my two have cast iron stomachs!) so I stewed up the rest of it and served it cooked, which they liked very nearly as much.

We have a volunteer to do Bob's homecheck so with a bit of luck he will be able to go home soon! (the people in the vet were asking if he had become a permanent fixture!)
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