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Bob has a home offer!

The home is in Hampshire, but the potential adopter has friends in Cornwall so is happy to come and visit.   I'm waiting to hear how the home visit goes to check that the adopter is right for Bob - she sounds lovely, but she is 74, so we need to be sure that she's fit and active enough to walk him and look after him properly.   Mind you I suppose that applies to adopters of all ages!

Bob was neutered yesterday : he was very small and sad and shaking when I came to pick him up.  It turned out that he is really scared of those plastic cones they put on their heads, so I have taken it off, and instead he is rather comically wearing  a pair of shorts to prevent him having a go at his stitches.

In other news I have the most awful cold and so does pp.  Both of us have terrible sore throats so it's very quiet here!
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