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Seeds and the Iron Age (2 unrelated items)

I have planted the Sweet Orange Baby pepper seeds. Was going to plant the pumpkins and squashes too, but it's so cold still that I have put that off for a few weeks because once squashes take off they really take off, and I don't have room in the propagator for several large plants.

I'm planning to grow the peppers in pots in the windows anyway (it's a dwarf variety) so it doesn't matter if they grow quick. If I get too many I will pop some in the greenhouse. Hmm. I wonder if you can make chutney from peppers?

Still only one of the sweet pea seedlings has germinated! Boo hiss. I can't remember how old the seed is, but I'm now thinking it must have been older than I thought. I've now sown the rest of the packs of sweet peas in the hope of getting at least a few seedlings.

We had a day off on Tuesday, and went down to visit iron age villages near Penzance. We got to Chysauster and were disconcerted to find it was closed. We thought it had been closed since about 300AD, so that was odd. Luckily we found the gate was not actually locked, so we went in and snooped round anyway: the only thing that was closed seemed to be the wooden hut where they give you a leaflet and take £2.30 off you, so that was no great loss.

Mollydog was pleased to discover that they had raised greyhound bowls in the Iron Age (each house had a large stone block with a round bowl cut into the top of it, which was just the right height for a sighthound drinking bowl.)

It was raining when we got there but as we went up the slope the sun came through the mist and it suddenly became very warm. Most of the houses seemed to be set up to have a small stream running through the courtyard from a spring - very convenient. Generally houses that old don't seem very comfortable, but these did (OK, they had no roofs!).

Then we went over to Bodrifty, where the houses were smaller and older and generally seemed much grimmer as a place to live, (though it does have a reconstructed roundhouse - very dark as the fire was not lit). Finally we walked down to the coast at Zennor, which is a place I've always wanted to visit, I think because it begins with a Z (not very logical, I know...).
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