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Hilariously feeble revenge message

Today someone called on our home phone line and started talking about Sky box warranties expiring.  I was working and I knew that philmophlegm, under whose province television services lie, was unlikely to want an extended warranty, and I also thought there was a good chance it was a con.  So I said 'Sorry, I'm afraid we aren't interested' and rang off.

Almost immediately, that line rang again. I didn't bother picking it up this time, as I was doing more important things ( I'd wandered to the kitchen to make coffee. )

So I was delighted* when I checked the voicemail on that line this evening to receive a very cross voicemail telling me :

- that I am Their Customer** and he has been asked to give me the company's new phone number!
- but that because I am so horribly rude, he will not give me the phone number!
- and in fact, he won't even tell me what company he's calling from!

*no, I really was, I thought it was most amusing.
** actually, he called me Mrs Philmophlegm, which would technically mean that philmophlegm's Mum is actually Their Customer - I don't use pp's surname.
Tags: loons, marketing, spam

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