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Things Done

Room painted (including fiddly burgundy doorframe and skirting boards)   Crown Solo paint really does only need one coat.  'Colors' magnolia was a false economy : next time buy more expensive wall paint and avoid having to double-coat and touch up!

Old carpet disposed of (including lining of newspapers dating from 1990!) and furniture moved out ready for the Coming of the Carpet Guy.

Dogs walked : along the Lynher, through Calstock along the Tamar, across Kit Hill, around the village.

Pancakes cooked and consumed with white chocolate icecream.

'The Road' film watched.   Goodness it's a sad (not bad) film.  Even among postapocalyptic dramas, outstandingly depressing.

Foster Bob lurcher rehoming entry written and video created.

Tried Bob without previcox for 2 days.  Spectacular disaster, Bob clearly distressed.  Put him back on the pills.

Failed to do any gardening. Poot.
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