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Snowdrops and Bob

 We have snowdrops!  They aren't very fully out yet, but I'm very pleased to see them.  It may be only just February, but it feels like this winter has gone on forever already. 

Bob has now been on half a Previcox a day for 5 days.  He is still standing and walking with no problems, and hasn't had any screaming incidents - well, he did yell a bit when I opened the door last night, but I think that was *probably* because he'd tripped rather than anything more mysterious.   I think he may have been crawling just a bit more, but not much - and that could be coincidence.   Next week I shall try him with no Previcox at all. 

His waist is still a bit size zero, but when I took them out this evening, I grabbed Az's red Blizzard coat and put it on Bob, and was pleased to see that it's now too tight for him around his neck and shoulders.  He wore that coat a couple of times just after he came here, and it fitted him then, he was like a rail.  Fortunately I still have Mollydog's old waxed jacket that she has never liked, which is a bit bigger.  He can wear that if he needs a coat. 
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