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Winter evening painting

I was rather struck by the very heavy dark bluegrey skies that we had a few weeks back and decided to try a black and blue evening landscape.  Philmophlegm suggested that it might be fun to move the train back a few decades, and luckily I found a scrap of film on Youtube of a steam train on that very track back in the 60's, so gave it a go.


One of the photos I took as reference.  I started painting it from memory, but decided I couldn't remember enough detail so went back with a camera the next evening.  Of course I couldnt' find the same spot exactly and the light was a bit different, but so it goes.

In other news, philmophlegm  has been seized with an uncharacteristic urge to home improvements.  Today, we have not only stripped a room of its contents and bought paint, but he has also borrowed a powered sander and has sanded down an elderly wooden chest which had had a rather unsympathetic previous stripping and varnish applied, with the intent of giving it a more attractive stain. Exhausted by this, he then went to bed early.

I hope he isn't sickening for something.  Or been abducted by aliens and replaced by a body double...
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