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Bob timeline

I need to write down a bit of a timeline for Bob to decide if it's time to vacc/neuter/rehome -  this seems as good a place as any:

Dec 15 - Bob arrives at our house.
Dec 17th - Bob unable to stand for 3/4 hour, clearly in pain, first visit to vet.
Dec 23rd - sees Rude Craig the orthopedic vet
Dec 29th - inconclusive X-ray
Dec 30th - stops eating.  Stopped giving him metacam.
Jan 1st - appetite is back, no obvious difference to shoulder problem.
Jan 5th - noticed now Bob's hips are painful.  Not currently receiving pain medication.
Jan 6th - went out for a few hours, Bob in considerable pain/crawling when we returned.
Jan 7th - started Bob on previcox, at Craig's recommendation.   Last serious screaming episode.
Jan 10-16th - Bob doing well, seems fit and active, has stopped crawling.  2 minor screaming/standing episodes in the evenings, but quickly over.
Jan 20th - Bob was booked in for MRI scan but cancelled because no longer showing any symptoms!
Jan 25th- Bob still doing well, no crawling, no screaming, no hip problems.  Still on the previcox.

I'm now going to book him in for another checkup, and will ask that he start his vaccinations then (if the vet is happy with that) and also ask them to book him in for neutering.
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