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To Yirrimurra in a priest

 This weekend, I was one of a party of adventurers who departed Antarctica for Melbourne (some of us thought it was Adelaide).  The rest of the party showed a cavalier disregard for the noble Hivers holding back the forces of chaos that we had left behind, but I made sure they could at least get their grav sleds back. 

For reasons that I still don't understand, my hiver character currently has only two legs and is pretending to be a priest called Em Smith.  This did at least ensure that I stood out less than I might otherwise have done in alternative history 1933 Australia.  But I had to ride a camel, which doesn't come naturally if you keep your mouth on your ventral surface. 

My character was hoping to set up a Secret Base in order to work on time travel technologies to help prevent the destabilisation of the universe by timetravelling superbeings blessed with the self-restraint of human toddlers and a taste for hallucinogenic substances. But unfortunately there was a lot of untidy rushing about by the rest of the party who didn't seem as focussed as I might have wished upon the Greater Good and seemed to be more interested in playing amateur detective. 

Much confusion ensued, and there were a lot of loons, some of them Synchronised Pointing Loons.  We followed their pointing (by train and camel), and found lot of people who seemed to have escaped from old episodes of 'Bush Tucker Man'.  And a mineowner who turned out to be Evil, in the best traditions of adventure stories, and some people who were raiding a gold mine. 

We also uncovered a seriously tragic story involving some massacred aboriginal people, (which possibly felt a little too close to real/living memory history to be entirely comfortable).   It turned out that jumpspace was leaking into aboriginal Dreamtime, or possibly viceversa, and that the unruly superbeings had leaked along with it.   Something will need to be done about this. Probably by me.  Or, at least, decided by me, because if there is one thing my character is good at (and in fact, there is pretty much only one thing my character is good at) it's making decisions and telling other people what to do. (The nice thing about role playing  is playing a character that is not yourself, of course...) 

(Out of character, I had been rather hoping that we were going to get to meet some of the Australian mythological beings out of  Patricia Wrightson's Wirrun books, but alas! there was no time.  We overran by about 5 hours the original one-day plan anyway, so if we'd started frolicking about with Narguns and Ninya and Mimi and so on then we'd still be there.  There was mention of a Nargun though, so I am just hoping that maybe one roleplaying day, we will get to meet the Eldest Nargun himself.  I am a serious Eldest Nargun fan.) 
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