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Along the Meavy

We intended to go to the beach today, but the weather was so grim we gave up on that idea, and decided to go for a river valley walk instead.  I picked the Meavy (one of the smaller tributaries of the Plym) largelyat random, and because we hadn't been that way before.   We parked at Clearbrook and set out across a moorland that was looking distinctly singed.  

According to the sign, this is a cycle track.  I hope the cyclists have well padded bottoms.

We went along the resoundingly named Drake Trail for a bit and then headed down to the river Meavy. This was the bridge to Goodameavy.  I looked for a troll, but if there is one, he was out today.

No, this is not the troll.  This is Philmophlegm, in the now-traditional photograph, taken on any walk where I remember to take a camera, of Philmophlegm soaking his boots.  Hmm.  Maybe philmophlegm IS a troll?  A small one obviously.

I liked the way this dead tree leaned drunkenly over the path.  (The other dogs were with us, honest.  But for some reason, it was Az that kept getting into the photographs. )

View down into the village of Hoo Meavy.  I liked the way the shape of the tunnel somehow suggests that you could pull the cord at the top and flush the whole village away, if you felt that way inclined.

This photo of me taken by PP on the way home isn't anything to do with the walk really, but I am amused by it.
  I'm sure my mouth isn't normally about half-way-up my head, and in fact, I don't think any human mouth is.  Nor are human heads normally as wide as they are tall.  That squashed, stuck-on  thing isn't my nose!  In short, this seems to be a photo that has been taken using the camera's newly discovered 'Muppetize Mode'.  Weird.  I wonder how he turned that on.  :-D


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16th Jan, 2011 17:44 (UTC)
I find it hard to accept that anywhere called Hoo Meavey can be a real place, outside the world of ents. It sounds more like an adjective for people who protest their innocence too often and badly: "You've been very who?me?vy today." But since it is a place - or so you claim - it's presumably one with the magical property of turning people into muppets.
17th Jan, 2011 19:36 (UTC)
Hoo Meavy does seem a deeply improbable name...
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