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Bob : the mystery continues

A number of people wondered if Bob's issues were mostly behavioural -  I decided to do another Bob video showing a bit more clearly what the problem is.  It *seems* more than behaviour to me (though he's obviously keen not to go out in the cold!) 

He's definitely improved in the mornings - seems to be able to stand straight away. Problem is generally in the evening - the first clip is a bit over a week ago at about 10pm, the second is yesterday at about 5pm.

NB there is a lot of doggy screaming / crying in this, it's a bit loud.

Compare to these pics from yesterday morning's walk :

I will call the vet about the MRI scan this week, but my feeling is that the situation is a bit better than it has been. I took him off the metacam as he wasn't keen to eat and I thought it might be upsetting his tum. Doesn't seem to have made any difference.

To add to his problem, the poor old sod now has a tapeworm. I thought he might get one, given the number of fleas he had when he arrived (the life cycle of tapeworms involves fleas). So, I was prepared and had got in some Drontal. Unfortunately the Bungles appear to have stolen this and I can't find it anywhere. So, need to pop to vet and get some more tomorrow. Drat.


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3rd Jan, 2011 16:00 (UTC)
Plainly this really does hurt him. In humans it might be a frozen shoulder, I suppose - indeed, I wonder if it is something muscular or something to do with his tendons.

Incidentally, though I had the sound very low, Bob's screams greatly distressed my own dog. That's not a psychological thing.
5th Jan, 2011 11:43 (UTC)
Az finds the screaming quite exciting, little predatory toad that he is...

It does seem like real pain to me - sighthounds can be enormous wusses and he's not what you'd call a brave dog, but that much crying surely must have a physical cause.
3rd Jan, 2011 16:13 (UTC)
He really does seem in genuine distress here [and my dogs were also upset]. I did notice that he got on his feet right at the point he had to step outside but that he continued crying even when he was up and about. It's obviously an intermittent problem though that in itself is bizarre.
5th Jan, 2011 11:47 (UTC)
Yes, sometimes he cries but doesn't crawl, and sometimes he crawls, but seems otherwise quite happy.

Things do seem to have improved over the last 2-3 days, he's crawling less and the crying episodes have been shorter.
3rd Jan, 2011 16:14 (UTC)
Would it be worth asking your vet to forward this clip to a specialist? There may be something in Bob's posture that would give a clue to where the problem is located.
5th Jan, 2011 11:46 (UTC)
He's seen two vets at my local practice, one of whom is an orthopedic specialist and surgeon. So far, nobody has seen anything like it.

It's a good idea to send the clip to the orthopedic bloke, I'll do that. Once he's up and moving about, the problem goes away after a short while, and also he doesn't seem to get it as badly if he's excited. And of course the vet is very exciting with lots of new people and dogs, so they didn't see anything wrong...
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