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Bob : the mystery continues

A number of people wondered if Bob's issues were mostly behavioural -  I decided to do another Bob video showing a bit more clearly what the problem is.  It *seems* more than behaviour to me (though he's obviously keen not to go out in the cold!) 

He's definitely improved in the mornings - seems to be able to stand straight away. Problem is generally in the evening - the first clip is a bit over a week ago at about 10pm, the second is yesterday at about 5pm.

NB there is a lot of doggy screaming / crying in this, it's a bit loud.

Compare to these pics from yesterday morning's walk :

I will call the vet about the MRI scan this week, but my feeling is that the situation is a bit better than it has been. I took him off the metacam as he wasn't keen to eat and I thought it might be upsetting his tum. Doesn't seem to have made any difference.

To add to his problem, the poor old sod now has a tapeworm. I thought he might get one, given the number of fleas he had when he arrived (the life cycle of tapeworms involves fleas). So, I was prepared and had got in some Drontal. Unfortunately the Bungles appear to have stolen this and I can't find it anywhere. So, need to pop to vet and get some more tomorrow. Drat.
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