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Today I moved one of the sofas and hoovered under it. Under it, there was a cache of things stolen and concealed by Bungles.

I'd been hoping to find the dog worming tablets, but those are still AWOL. Probably concealed under some other piece of furniture...


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3rd Jan, 2011 07:25 (UTC)
There is a reason why all Warhammer stuff in our house is kept in a shut room...
3rd Jan, 2011 09:12 (UTC)
To stop them rampaging across your carpet?
3rd Jan, 2011 10:30 (UTC)
You have so narrowly missed death. Their plan to kill you and feast on your bones was barely hours away from being put into action. Other, more innocent cats, who might intervene, were to be lured away by the squeaky mouse (which would be dragged across the room by the reel of thread) and the dogs would be kept busy with the squeaky ball. Then the orchid flowers were to be crushed, and, using a rare recipe kept on the USB stick, would be brewed up in the mystery lid into a deadly poison, which would then be smeared on the space marine's gun.

Now, the space marine is a creature of habit, and refuses to move anywhere unless preceded by a die roll, so Suma would park himself under the couch and throw the die, causing the space marine to edge slowly across the carpet. (This would be a tense part of the operation. Throwing a botch would ruin everything.) The plan was to put the space marine into an obvious position, so Philmophlegm would find it. He would pick it up and return it to the miniature display cupboard upstairs, where he would pause awhile to gloat over his Traveller collection, whereupon the marine would stab his palm with the deadly orchid poison.

At that point, into the confusion, the Icelandic hit man would leap out, who had been hired with 1000 krone. Since the Bungles had once heard someone say that the pen was mightier than the sword, they have insisted that the hitman be armed with a ballpoint pen.

(The hitman thought this was a little strange, but he's not a very good hitman - (the online currency convertor claims that 1000 krone = £5.62) - so he's prepared to go along with it. Who knows? This might be his ticket to the big time. From now on, he can be the Pen Slayer. No, the Bic Killer. The Biro Butcher? Mmm... The whole taking orders from cats things is a bit strange, too, but maybe that's how things work in the UK...)

And so you were saved. This time. Maybe you should check under all other items of furniture, in case they have a Plan B Lair.
3rd Jan, 2011 11:21 (UTC)
You're inspiring me to do a post on Tess's reading material. She reached the second shelf of the bookcase yesterday but I'm still at a loss to explain her choices!
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