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The Gas

This morning the Gas went off.  This was well timed, as it is so much warmer now, but still a cause of woe.  Neither the boiler nor the gas fire was working. 

I went and prodded the tank, which told me it was 15% full.  I thought this dubious given that it was last filled in October, so I rang Calor and asked them if the gauge might be off.  They said that Telemetrics had told them the tank was 14% full, and passed me to Emergency.  

I was very impressed.  Emergency told me to find the Regulator Spindle and twiddle it. Unfortunately our tank is rather venerable, so their description of where the Spindle might be hiding did not match our equipment.  They sent an engineer instead, who turned up, to my amazement, within three hours, and twiddled our spindle for us.  For free!  I was even more impressed when he got the gas flowing again. The fire and boiler both had hiccups to start with, but seem to have resumed operations now we have turned them on and off again a bit. 

He has promised to send a new Regulator, as ours is apparently over 20 years old (I would have guessed at least 30, myself...).    Calor may not be a cheap way to heat a house (we've just gone up to payments of  £125 a month!  Woe!), but they certainly seem to do a good job for the money.  I can definitely see why people are putting wood fires back into their houses though. 



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29th Dec, 2010 13:18 (UTC)
£125 a month!

(Goes away and whimpers quietly at the thought of it.)
(Deleted comment)
30th Dec, 2010 09:14 (UTC)
Just the cost of delivery on our Calor propane whacks up the prices (no mains gas here obviously), and heating the house during the day while I (and pp often too) am working doesn't help either.

I grew up with solid fuel (wood and anthracite), and yes, it's cheap and warm, but I must confess that cleaning the grate and storing and lugging the fuel about is something that I remember being an awful pain when you have to do it every sodding day. However, if the price of propane keeps going up I think we may have to look into it.
(Deleted comment)
30th Dec, 2010 20:47 (UTC)
We have two separate flights of three steps up to our house, and about ten more down from the back garden, so wheeled things are not much good: it would all have to be carried. On the plus side, it would be an incentive to keep the trees cut back: Hazel grows SO FAST!
(Deleted comment)
31st Dec, 2010 22:57 (UTC)
I reckon hazel makes trees at least as fast as apple and birch, its just that you don't usually see it allowed to get to logs. The stuff in our back hedge is big enough that I am looking at one trunk speculatively, thinking it might make a nice shaving horse body...

We have a fair bit of ash and holly, too.
(Deleted comment)
30th Dec, 2010 09:27 (UTC)
The great joy of Calor though is that it replicates the enormous convenience of mains gas. It just works, no lugging sacks or logs about or having to worry about not enough fuel or the fuel getting wet - the tank signals the Calor Mothership when it's getting empty and people come and refill it, and there you go, instant warm...

We have a space in the livingroom that was once a stove thing with a back burner and now hosts a calor fire, so we could put a stove there if the prices keep spiralling though...
29th Dec, 2010 18:13 (UTC)
Did you cure the boiler's hiccups by making it sing along to Iron Maiden. too?

I want a Regulator Spindle which I can twiddle! It sounds as if it ought to be followed with a "+2" or "of doom", or something.
29th Dec, 2010 19:09 (UTC)
Shouldn't it be '...of the Fates'?
12th Jan, 2011 07:33 (UTC)
30th Dec, 2010 09:29 (UTC)
no, we didn't get that far. We turned-it-off-and-onagain.

Modern boilers do seem to have a lot of electronics though. Maybe we could wire it into 'Rock Band'... :-D
30th Dec, 2010 10:36 (UTC)
And now I have a vision of Calor Head Office as rather like NASA, with banks of screens showing the telemetry of customers' tanks...

Wood-burning stoves have become so popular around here that we have had a log shortage this winter, and I have seen people out gathering firewood on the Common for the first time.

30th Dec, 2010 20:47 (UTC)
I must say the idea of actually being able to do something useful with the dratted hazel hedging is appealing. At the moment we have a number of bonfires...
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