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Bob at Christmas

I'm afraid that Bob found Christmas rather too much for him. He coped surprisingly well on Christmas eve when we went over to visit pp's parents, and apart from spilling a bit of gravy on the floor when offered left over pork and roasties, was generally very good. 

But I think he though going out again on Christmas day was A Bit Much and would probably have been happier if we'd left him at home in bed (unluckily for him, we intended to be out quite a while, so that wasn't really possible). 

He wee'd on our Christmas tree (my fault, should have got up earlier. He is very good when he is shut in his own little hallway, but the door had come open, and he got a bit confused about what was outside and what was inside...) .

Then he got a bit stressed at my Mum's house, drank too much and watered the sofa (perhaps the presence of other boy dogs was a bit too exciting). In the end we gave him bed in her study and gated that off, which seemed to be the quiet space he needed, and he calmed down then and seemed happy. I think that he has probably been either a kennel dog, or a dog that was only allowed in the kitchen, or something like that, so access to the whole house, let alone visiting different houses, is a bit strange and he's not quite sure how to deal with it. He's also a bit confused by spending time with people that aren't necessarily interacting with Bob the whole time, though I think he's starting to get the hang of that.

Given his medical problems, he will need a home where he can be indoors a lot of the time, so it's just a matter of getting him accustomed to that. He does love having a radiator to cuddle up to: it's just clarifying that vital 'indoors /outdoors' distinction...

  This morning he only had half his breakfast, then drank too much again and brought it back up again.  I think a few quiet routine days are indicated...  He is in for Xrays about his shoulder problem on 29th, which gives him a few days to relax first.
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