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Deep and crisp and even

Friday : Snow, but not enough to make getting out of village a problem. Philmophlegm in Plymouth. Friday evening, MORE snow. PP decides to stay in (marginally) sunnier climes rather than try to get home in snow through dark slippery lanes.

Sat: Pp and I agree to meet in Tavistock. I make it as far as the local pub, then my car begins sliding inexorably backwards. I make several attempts, but it's pretty clear Helga Saab is not going to make it up the hill (or, not on these tyres, anyway). I am unable to get Helga home again, so pull her out of the way, and call Pp. He is in Tavistock, and from his voice, I imagine all his hair standing on end from the experience of navigating ungritted snowy roads in a 2wd sportscar to get there.   We agree that he will try to get back as far as Drakewalls, then walk.  On the way he narrowly misses being hit by someone doing a 360degree spin on the road in front of him.  

Thoughout the village, people are walking rather than driving. I meet more of my neighbours than I have met in *years* of dogwalking every day, either  furiously brushing, digging, salting and gritting, or walking with bags and dogs.  One doleful gentleman who has nobly barrowed a great load of salt up the road to try to restore access into the village, tells me that he's sending a bill to David Cameron : "I've tried the Big Society and I don't like it much" he says.  Our village has never been officially gritted in the ten years we've lived here, and this is the first year that the residents have made anything like this much effort to get things running again,   so I'm not sure the situation is entirely DC's fault, but it's still a good line.

I feel quite guilty I haven't done more digging out. Maybe I will try to clear our end of the lane tomorrow if I get time, and if it's not utterly impossible.  By the time I'd dug out our drive on Sat, I was feeling I'd done enough for now, and Sunday was full of walking - with the dogs as usual, then to the garage (couldn't take the dogs : they just aren't up to walking so far nowadays).  

Sunday. The snow is melting a bit and the roads are probably just about driveable, but I have no particular reason to drive, so instead we walk up to Drakewalls to check if Pp's car is still there (it is) retrieve the book he foolishly left behind yesterday - and buy a few supplies.   We are now pretty well stocked for a long siege if necessary - except that we are very low on dry cat food.   With 6 cats, this may be a problem.  I was planning to buy more on Saturday, or failing that, tomorrow. 

Forecast is for more snow tonight.  I really don't fancy walking to the petshop in Callington, four miles away.  Or at least, I don't fancy walking it and walking back with bags of catfood.  Hum.   I would rather not give the cats GoCat, as the results will inevitably be messy, but that's what they sell at the garage, so it may be a case of needs must.

 We haven't managed to get a Christmas tree either - we'd planned to go and get one on Sat.  But I note that a holly tree that is growing in the hedge and really needs cutting *anyway* has developed a pleasingly conical shape.  So, if needs must, we may be felling our own!   

So: the pics:
Only about an inch and a half, but still pretty (and an inch and a half is enough!).

Bob (in Az's coat) in the snow. 

Good thing about snow,  practically no traffic so dogs offlead in lane.  Annoyingly though, snow arrived on Friday morning which is bin-day here.  So, lots people put out binbags.  No collection as *snow arrived*.  Have people taken their bags back in or secured them?  No they have left them out to be torn to shreds by foxes.  So there are a lot of binbags about, which means that Mollydog needs to be on lead in the village anyway, as Mollydog is quite clear that the very best food is served in binbags... 

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