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Bob the Lurcher (can we fix him?)


Bob the Oldies Club foster lurcher has arrived (as a stray from a pound in South Wales). He was covered in fleas  - now treated, but I now need to do all the others just in case! He was also very stinky.  I will have to deal with that tomorrow once he's calmed down a bit.

When he arrived, he was very hyper, panting, pacing and overexcited around my dogs.  Both of them had to tell him quite clearly several times that they really, really didn't want him to hump them!   Thankfully he has a lovely nature and does back off when told. He drank two large bowls of water, was sick, then peed on Mark's inflatable dalek. Lovely. On the plus side, he is totally uninterested in the cats,  is already offlead in the house, and does seem to know his name.

His eyesight is quite poor: he's more or less OK in a lit room, but keeps walking into things if the lighting isn't so good. He also has a weird problem with his front legs. He crawls without standing up - back legs upright, front legs lying down. He can walk, but if he's lying down, and you call him a short distance on carpet, he just shuffles along on his front. And once he finally lay down and had a nap - he woke up and cried and cried and wasn't able to stand, which is quite worrying.

Earlier, he was so active that after we walked them together, I took Bob and Az out again without Molls, and he towed me all around a field in the dark. When he is standing, he can certainly pull and walk with no problems, it seems to be almost like a cramp problem that he gets if he has been lying down for a while.

He was very baffled by our stairs: OK on the steps up to the house, but he went into total meltdown going upstairs to the dog's room, and I had to carry him, so that is something he needs to pick up. I hope that seeing the other dogs on the stairs will help

It looks like he is what is known as a Hancock lurcher - a collie cross greyhound bred by a particularly prolific (and not very responsible) specialist  lurcher breeder. He has green tattoos in both ears - I haven't managed to get the full earmarks yet, but there is definitely a DH (for David Hancock) in there.

I will investigate further.  Hancock is, I discover, somewhat notorious for breeding large numbers of pups, a lot of which bounce back into sighthound rescues, so he won't be any help, but  I should at least be able to find out Bob's exact age, official name and what mix of dogs he is if I contact them with the full tattoo details.  I'm guessing 50% collie, but we shall see. 

Update 16th Dec:
Bob is fast asleep in the hall after morning walk: such a change from the active stressed dog of yesterday!  I have the door open, he could come into the livingroom, but he seems to have formed a passionate attachment to the hall radiator and will not leave it.   Went in just now to check he was still OK, barely opened his misty eyes.  He seems to like the hall : in the end I gave up on trying to get him to sleep with the other dogs, as he seemed so terrified of the stairs.

I think he is not used to being walked.  The idea seemed to come as something of a surprise to him, though he enjoyed it once he worked it out.  66 quid for flea treatment and wormers to make sure my other beasts are up to date!  Ouch.

Thinness : Checking the bottle of metacam that the kennels sent with him, he was 25Kg when he went to their vet.  Mollydog is 28Kg and is about right, and he is the same height as Molls and quite a bit broader in the beam.  So I reckon he needs to gain at least a couple of kilos.


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15th Dec, 2010 23:39 (UTC)
Oh, face! What a handsome boy. Bless him, he does look worried though.

That's a strange thing with the elbows, I've not come across that before. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
16th Dec, 2010 12:53 (UTC)
It's really weird. He crawled around for ages this morning before he decided to stand up - actually standing made him scream but after that seemed fine.

Very odd. I have vet booked for Monday (Monday because I want one of the good vets, not Martin the Useless Vet who I know will just fling metacam at it, and I've already got some!)
(Deleted comment)
16th Dec, 2010 14:06 (UTC)
I've just given him a shower and realised how thin he is. I thought he was just a bit greyhoundy in shape, but underneath the fluff his ribs are standing out and his backbone too. If he's severely underweight that could well explain a lot of it.

Extra tea for Mr Bob, I think.
17th Dec, 2010 10:55 (UTC)
Looks a real cute hound!

I went on a hacking ride once near Oxford and my horse was called Mr Bob. Like all horses you get given at riding stables when you are my height, he was an immense beast (at least part Shire!) and kept deciding to bend down to take a munch as we went round fields, which I could do absolutely nothing about! He liked his food did Mr Bob, I hope Bob the Lurcher enjoys his extra rations.
16th Dec, 2010 15:22 (UTC)
Oh, that face is irresistible! Hope everything goes well with the vet visit.
16th Dec, 2010 18:55 (UTC)
He looks a sweet heart. Good luck!
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