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The Cold

You all already know this.  But, I must tell you anyway.   It is very very cold.

It was  -10 in the Tamar Valley last night, though I only have that information from the Spotlight weatherman - phenomenal for any time of year, but very unusual for December.  

When I ventured out at 10:30am this morning, Helga the Saab, who had been sitting in a sunbeam, told me (once I managed to pry her doors open) that the temperature was at -5.    The whole valley was white with ice, where freezing fog has frozen onto trees and grasses.   But strangely when I drove up onto the hill, the ice was confined to the river valley, and by the time I'd got to the sunny side of the hill, the temperature had gone up to 2 degrees above freezing (and felt much warmer).   You could see the ice all along the valley, as though it had been bleached.

Here is an ice crystal growing on a car  (taken with the panasonic, as I don't have a macro lens for the Nex3 yet) 

And a leaf, demonstrating what has happened to all the leaves, and that the sky at least is a lovely blue.

This is about the best the Nex3 can do for a macro shot : it's rather gorgeous but it can't go in as far as the panasonic can and do individual crystals.  

Yesterday, I made Az wear his woolly fleece under his new thick coat-  and he needed it.  

I let Mollydog get away with just her thin coat though.

Today I thought it was going to be even colder, so I even togged Mollydog up with a woolly jumper under her coat.  She was most disgusted by this, and was delighted when we got into the sunshine and I agreed to take it off.  She is a nudist at heart and was greatly cheered by being allowed to lollop about without clothes on.

Despite this, I am a little worried about her: the cold and icy hard ground is not doing her bad legs any good and she seems rather dozy and lacking in energy over the last few days.  I've upped her dose of previcox (painkiller) and am trying to keep walks a bit shorter than usual.
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