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ladyofastolat feels that I have worked in ' an amazingly large number of places - far more places than I think there are years available' : basing this apparently on the way that people I have worked with have insisted on behaving weirdly and bizarrely, thus supplying me with a rich source of anecdotes whereever I go.

 I maintain this is not my fault.  I just seem to end up working with oddities.   None the less, I began to list places I have worked.  I suppose there are quite a few... 

I have worked in: 

- a National Trust tearoom (waitressing : mostly dull, but required me to wear a frilly apron, and taught me that even if you ask if the orange juice is real orange juice, they might LIE and tell you it is when it actually comes out of a plastic pack full of Enumbers. )

- my college library (taught me that you can nap in sufficiently unfrequented parts of some libraries if you are tired enough) 

- a cleaning and gardening company (doing casual cleaning/gardening : taught me that actually household cleanliness is much more optional than I had previously supposed)

- a nunnery (as a cook: only for 2 weeks temping  -  but they were packed with experience!  And I got to use a potato peeling machine!) 

- 2 museums (well, voluntary work but you still get to collect anecdotes.  Taught me that some people will deliberately choose to spend 6 hours doing a brainless repetitive job rather than use their brain for 2 minutes. )

- two tutorial colleges (teaching history to schoolage dropouts)

- a university (doing courseware design:  working from home and telecommuting.  Taught me the Internet can teach you anything! )

- Iceland (temping in the lorry scheduling dept)

- a posh financial manager place (temping : by far the DULLEST job I have ever done, and distinguished by being the job where they told me I was showing too much leg, even though they were paying PEANUTS  - not enough to buy a new skirt - and I was wearing very thick tights.)

- a few places that I can't remember what they did, temping on reception / switchboard.  (Dull, and you feel weirdly isolated as you are never part of the main life of the business, YET you are its public face.  Which is a weird feeling. )

- an ISP.  Rich source of anecdotes.  Taught me that Dilbert cartoons are ALL TRUE. 

- another university (training businesses, unemployed people & NHS staff : all three a rich source of anecdotes.)

 - a tiny search engine marketing company run by an idiot

- a slightly larger search engine marketing company run by rapacious fools (I left within 2 weeks) 

- a 1-man website marketing company , which turned into...

- a 3.2 -man website development company, which turned into ...

- a 1.2 man website general bits and pieces company. 

... is that a lot?  
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