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Charcoal & pencil hounds

I did some drawing while I was in Wales.

This one is from a photo, drawn with a charcoal pencil.  I quite like this one.

These aren't so good, but I DID draw them from life quite quickly which I think is harder than drawing from a photo.  Also, they are pencil, and I think it's harder to get nice results with pencil than charcoal because the contrast isn't so good.

Mollydog snoozes in pencil.  I quite like this one, was trying for something a bit more stylised.

Oh dear.  It's a long time since I drew anything in pen and ink, and I don't think I was ever much good at it. This was a reasonable pencil sketch until I started to ink it, then it all went horribly wrong...

Having done all these hounds, I thought I'd try a Welsh dragonhound hybrid.  It sort of works (possibly because it's in charcoal so has an advantage...? though I do wonder if the wings should be bigger really )
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