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Charcoal & pencil hounds

I did some drawing while I was in Wales.

This one is from a photo, drawn with a charcoal pencil.  I quite like this one.

These aren't so good, but I DID draw them from life quite quickly which I think is harder than drawing from a photo.  Also, they are pencil, and I think it's harder to get nice results with pencil than charcoal because the contrast isn't so good.

Mollydog snoozes in pencil.  I quite like this one, was trying for something a bit more stylised.

Oh dear.  It's a long time since I drew anything in pen and ink, and I don't think I was ever much good at it. This was a reasonable pencil sketch until I started to ink it, then it all went horribly wrong...

Having done all these hounds, I thought I'd try a Welsh dragonhound hybrid.  It sort of works (possibly because it's in charcoal so has an advantage...? though I do wonder if the wings should be bigger really )


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27th Nov, 2010 07:30 (UTC)
27th Nov, 2010 08:33 (UTC)
These are lovely; I especially like the first one and Mollydog sleeping. It's years since I've done any sketching but you're making me want have a go.

Off topic, can I ask you something on my puppy dilemma? What would you advise for sensible pack dynamics - bitch or dog? Given than I my three boys are neurered, would there even be much in it either way?
27th Nov, 2010 10:03 (UTC)
I'm told the rule of thumb is that boys are likely to be more accepting of bitches, and two bitches together is the most difficult combination. My guess would be that in a household with three boys, a girl will come in and boss the others about a bit. But they might like that.

That said, it's all about personalities really : I've mostly had bitch foster dogs and Mollydog has been a total saint with all of them. Az tends to be the one who is a bit more fussy about new dogs coming into his space, yet I was surprised how quickly he accepted Duke, even though Duke arrived 'entire'.

My puppy experience is pretty minimal though. I have occasionally been tempted by pups (there are a pair of fabulous blue greyhound pups at Greyhound Rescue West of England at the mo), but although both of my current hounds are very good at accepting adult dogs, they've never seemed very keen on pups. Though no doubt we could work through that if we had to.
27th Nov, 2010 11:35 (UTC)
Re: Puppiez!
Thanks so much for all that very helpful advice. I too tend to feel the boys might like being bossed about by a girl! I've never had a bitch so that would be a new experience for me. Pae is the unknown really as the others accepted him without any trouble so I don't suppose they'll object to another incomer. At the moment, I'm waiting to hear whether the last bitch in the litter is still available -she's the middle one in the pic of three, apparently very calm and quiet without being timid, in other words perfect! Seems someone else has first refusal although they don't mind which sex so might be persuaded to have a dog. If she goes, I then have to decide whether to look at the boys or wait. Decisions, decisions!
27th Nov, 2010 12:53 (UTC)
Re: Puppiez!
To be honest, admittedly never having met your dogs, they do sound like they are enormously well exercised, well socialised and well trained, and you also have enough space that they can get out of each other's faces if someone decides to be obnoxious. And they are used to accepting that people, sheep and cows go from status 'other' to status 'one of us' back to 'other' again. I'd be quite surprised if you have any real/longterm problems with bringing in a new dog, no matter who you pick!

Middle pup looks rather adorable, but don't they all. Wiccaweys tell me that small bitches often have more working drive so need more active homes than large boys who tend to be more laid back, though I'm sure there are lots of exceptions to that rule!
27th Nov, 2010 13:07 (UTC)
Re: Puppiez!
Thank you for the vote of confidence! Compared to many pet dogs, I suppose mine are fairly well trained and very good really. Pae I'm convinced is actually an Irish settler inhabiting a border collie body but even he has his moments when he impresses! And thanks for checking with the Wiccaweys. The most intense working dogs I've seen have always been bitches, even Pae's sister at ten weeks couldn't possible talk to me as there were piglets in the barn needing watching! It wouldn't surprise me at all that the specific characteristics of the individual animal would outweigh general traits. Pae and Skip, for instance, are chalk and cheese. Or am I just talking myself into the dog puppy on the left of the pic if the girl goes elsewhere!
27th Nov, 2010 08:45 (UTC)
27th Nov, 2010 08:56 (UTC)
I like those! I've never really got to grips with charcoal, but that first one makes me want to have a go.
27th Nov, 2010 09:49 (UTC)
It's awfully messy stuff : I never quite got it for years, it seemed so hard to control!

One of my recently read drawing books had an exercise where you sharpen a charcoal and make a pile of dust and chippings, then you tip the dust and bits onto a page and draw with your fingers. I don't think I'd quite got before that drawing with the dust and smudges is all part of it, you aren't trying for a perfectly clean line. Now I like the element of serendipity that comes with that.
27th Nov, 2010 09:45 (UTC)
I am constantly in awe of your drawing skills.
27th Nov, 2010 10:23 (UTC)
That first one, in particular, is gorgeous, and reminds me of John Skeaping's work.

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