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What I did on my holiday : Wales in November

 Off to the South Wales valleys again for a long weekend.  November may seem an odd time to go to Wales, but we were quite lucky with the weather and the place we were staying is pleasingly sheltered, at the bottom of a deep valley by a small river. 

We went to Hay on Wye book shopping - well, philmophlegm went twice.  The second time we took the hounds as well, as they  were not too happy about being left on their own the first time, and Az when trying to let himself out, managed to fiddle the door so that it locked itself from the inside and we had to climb in through a window when we got back to rescue them!   In retrospect I should probably have walked them more before we left, but unfortunately Az had hurt his leg looning about in the field that morning, so I wanted him to rest.  He had other ideas of course... 

I did some walking round Hay with hounds - while Pp stripped the bookshelves and made a truly Monstrous pile of second hand books.   Actually, some of the bookshops are dog friendly, but I felt it was probably a bit much to ask of the shopkeepers to accommodate two large dogs, and also that the hounds would probably find bookshopping rather dull, so instead we went exploring and met some horses, sheep and a horde of excited piglets.    The Swan Hotel in Hay has a nice warm dog friendly bar.  :-) 

On Sunday we took a walk through the forest of Mynydd Ddu in the Grwyne Fawr valley.  A rather longer walk than we had planned, due to the nonexistence of various paths marked on the OS map : it ended up being about 2 and a half hours, which is getting to the limit of what both the hounds and Pp are capable of nowadays.   But fortunately we got back in the nick of time for lunch at the Crown in Pantygelli, which not only does a mean Sunday lunch, but is dog friendly and just had room for us in front of the fire.  Hurray!  
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