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Germination & Clearance

Th first sweet pea has surfaced! It is Sweetie Purple.

Petunia and impatiens seedlings are looking strong and I have taken the lid off the propagator and turned off the heat for the day time. The sweet peas are not in the propagator, as they don't need the heat, in fact I'm wondering if I should pop them straight in the greenhouse, as I want them to be tough or they will probably get slugged.

We blitzed the strawberry patch and had a bonfire on Saturday, and many brambles died a firy death. Plenty left, but things are starting to look clearer.

The purple crocuses are just coming out (specially that excellent variety I got as a freeby off the front of a magazine, that spreads like wildfire), and there are now 4 mini iris in flower in the big blue pots by the greenhouse, with more in bud.

I fear the frogspawn may have had it: I don't think it's supposed to be frozen, or not for so long anyway. I'd take some into the house to raise, but I've done that before and they always get legs before you expect and end up all over the carpet...

At long last we've been to Bodmin Moor and it didn't rain. It has always rained when we've been before, but on Sun we did a fabulous walk past the Hurlers and around the Cheesewring: it didn't rain at all and we saw some ravens nesting, and some really spectacular views. The teashop in Minions is dog-friendly, so we went there for a cream tea afterwards. Mollydog had a fabulous time (well, we all did) but I think possibly she zoomed a bit too enthusiastically, as she's limping quite badly today.
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