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Hand tools

 philmophlegm  alleges that I am the only person in the entire world who owns a hand (not powered) drill.    I find this hard to believe.   My hand drill is an ancestral item which belonged to my father, and what's more, to his father.  It is a treasured item in my toolchest. But I am sure I have seen them for sale.   

Surely there are many, many people out there who are possessed of these quiet, controllable, sustainable, ecofriendly and above all, nifty devices? Do YOU have one?  If so please own up in a comment. 

Incidentally,   philmophlegm does a fine line in pretending that he is not a man of his hands.  But yesterday, while I was out, he took tools in hand and disabled the alarm system in his car!    Next time his caralarm malfunctions at dead of night, I'm going to bed rather than racing out in my pyjamas to disconnect the battery.  :-/ 
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