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Camera decision!

 I finally chose a camera!  I've been reading up and wibbling over this for months and months and months and months.  

But I've finally made up my mind, and gone for a Sony Nex3 with an 18-55mm lens, on the grounds that it has a big DSLR sensor and a teeny weeny body, so should offer good quality but still be small enough that I'm actually likely to take it out and about with me, (and it's also cheaper than any of the other options!)

I hope it turns out to be a good decision!  On the plus side, if I'd been more decisive, I'd have bought a camera ages ago before this one came out, so YAY for indecisiveness.   

I did wonder whether to get the Nex 5, which is basically the same camera but with HD video, IR connectivity, and a metal rather than plastic case for a hundred quid more.  But I don't think I need HD video, and although I liked the last camera I owned with a metal case - it felt more solid and stylish than my current plastic one -  I found that it was rather heavy and easy to drop.  My current camera is plastic, and it's undeniably just that bit less likely to slip through your fingers, and easier to handle on cold days.  And a hundred quid is not to be sniffed at!

I'm thinking that if all goes well, I may still eventually buy another compact ultrazoom as well rather than stick a monstrous zoom lense onto this tiny camera, so as to have the zoom available if I want it.  I think I will miss the big zoom, so am planning to keep the Panasonic FZ7 as well for the time being.



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7th Nov, 2010 12:17 (UTC)
From what I have read of it, I can't argue with your choice. May it give you much joy!

I bet you end up buying a telephoto for it eventually, though. I'm currently hanging my nose over a 50 - 500mm (equivalent to 100 - 1000mm) on eBay ...
7th Nov, 2010 18:26 (UTC)
I'm tempted by the adaptor which allows to attach a wide range of lenses to it - and a telephoto would undeniably be nice - but am determined to get my head around getting best use from the kit lens before I start fiddling with anything else.

7th Nov, 2010 18:42 (UTC)
Oh, certainly; that sounds very sensible.
11th Nov, 2010 20:05 (UTC)
Bacchus would be interested to hear how you get on with the new camera as he needs a new one.
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