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Various (again)

1) Snow again this morning, though it's almost all melted now. We've had several days of overnight snowfall now, all very odd as normally snow or even frost is pretty unusual here. People have apparently been snowboarding on Dartmoor, which has been doing its best impression of snow-covered mountains for over a week now.

2) I've picked up a bug and feel terrible. This is why I'm footling on here rather than doing the 2 proposals that have to be done today.

3) I bought an aloe vera plant on Ebay. It's just arrived and I have settled it in a pot of compost on my desk where I can gloat over it. If it does well and starts making baby aloe veras, I shall have a plant sale in aid of the Oldies Club, as I have a number of other things that I think might do well (including a jade / money plant).

4) Mollydog loves her bed that says MOLLYDOG on it much more now it's by the radiator. She also seems to be a bit under the weather, which is lucky as I am in no state to take her for a proper long walk.

5) There were no daffodils open or even budding for St David's day - even the February Gold variety is only showing leaves this year.

6) Impatiens seedlings now have 4 leaves each. Some petunias too. Time for potting on soon...



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2nd Mar, 2006 14:03 (UTC)
Can reserve one of your baby aloe vera plants please? (Presuming yours produces them) I've been meaning to get one for years to have in to treat burns. In fact I might buy 2 as I use the gel for loads of things and 1 would probably be denuded very quickly.

Hope you feel better soon!
2nd Mar, 2006 14:28 (UTC)
I have told the plant you want one: it is down to it now...

Alternatively, mine cost £3.84 inc postage and the seller was cactusdan11, and he has more, if you get tired of waiting.
2nd Mar, 2006 16:38 (UTC)
Hope you and Molly feel better soon. Here in Wolves we've had overnight snow laying in the morning, to slowly melt, followed by a blizzard that melted at lunchtime and then another blizzard just before I came home. But the sun is back out so ...
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