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Bodmin moor walks and hounds

I and the hounds went out to Minions (village next to the Hurlers on Bodmin moor) today, there to meet with Clazook, an internet friend of mine who was staying in the village, and her wobbly old dogs - Sis the Oldies sponsor dog, Guinness and Sky the saluki.   By a strange coincidence it turned out that the old friends she was staying with were actually people I'd met before as their dogs started training class at the same time as Duke.

They have a gorgeous but slightly reactive red collie called JD and an absolutely adorable puppy called Lola.   I was so pleased with Duke : he was good with all of the dogs, from 18 year old Sis to 16 week old pup Lola (already in her second  home - the first was a high rise flat.  A border collie puppy in a high rise, no wonder that didn't work out!).   Batty old labrador cross Guinness seemed particularly enamoured of Duke and kept sitting next to him and grinning!  His reaction gives me greater confidence that Duke will integrate easily with his new owners dogs when they arrive from Canada next year.    

The autumn light over the moors was fabulous today, one of those wonderful golden late autumn days under a blue sky.
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