bunn (bunn) wrote,

State of the Perl update

Perl has had a bit of a sniffle for a few weeks now, and on Monday night was quite wheezy and distressed, so yesterday I took her off to the vet.  She wasn't happy about the car journey, but was very pleased with the vet showing her the kind of attention she considers to be her right at all times.   

She's had an antiinflammatory jab and is now on antibiotics : fortunately for me, she has decided that the tablets are entirely edible when wrapped in ham.  Ham probably not the healthiest of meats, but then the stress of the 'cat is basically a tube' method wouldn't be too good either (for either of us!) so on balance, I'm sticking with the ham. 

Once the wheeze clears up, she needs to have some teeth out, and there may be a little dental abcess hiding in there somewhere too.   She is about 12 now, I think, and up to the last few months has been 100% healthy, so we're not doing badly considering.   She is now 5.2 Kilos, which the vet considers 'a bit overweight'.  This is an improvement on last time and not bad really, given that she does spend an awful lot of time asleep.

I don't seem to have a Perl icon, so here is one of Kjetil.  To be honest, Kjetil is more photogenic really. *whispers * Perl's a bit of a tortie-bag.  She's not long on looks, poor Scousemog that she is -  though she does have the most enormous personality...  
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