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Proud of the BBC Meme

Been meaning to do this for a while and have finally finished it!  If anyone hasn't seen it before, it's based on Mitch Benn's 'I'm Proud of the BBC' song and, the idea for the meme is that these are all the shows and people mentioned in the song. Mark the ones you love in bold, leave the ones you know in normal text and strike through the ones you’ve never even heard of.

I’m doing philmophlegm's revised version where if you’ve seen a programme and dislike it, you put it in italics. But only cos it makes it more interesting, not because I hate lots of BBC programs.  I've italicised anything that I would turn off the TV rather than watch, but that doesn't mean I hate it so much I want it driven from the airwaves. 

I reckon that given the number of programs listed and the diverse tastes of the British population, if the BBC hadnt' produced a goodly dollop of stuff that I don't like and would avoid watching, then it wouldn't be doing the job.  I don't think the song is entirely about how great all the programs are - it's also about the shared experience and cultural effect... 

Anyway, on to the meme! 

Website  (I have to admit, I am a bit dubious about the BBC's burgeoning online empire.  I suspect its existence crushes out other sites and I am not convinced they actually do it that well) 
Toni Arthur
Brian Cant  (yes, I STILL love Brian Cant!) 
Adam Adamant
Postman Pat
Hancock (heard of, never watched)
Yes Minister  (loved may be a bit strong, but it's definitely an impressive piece of telly) 
Later with Jools Holland
Pride and Prejudice ( I don't think I could have told you which Austens the BBC have televised, or that P&P was them not someone else.  I don't really like Austen on TV much)
Hitchhikers Guide
World Service (OK, I know it exists, but have never listened) 
Stuart Lee 
Mr Benn
Casualty (is that STILL on...? ) 
6 Music  (only not a strikethough because people started protesting it might be cancelled.  I wouldn't have noticed) 
Glastonbury (I have watched BBC at Glastonbury, but I think the coverage is very poor.  They should sack the presenters and get rid of the set and interviews and just cover the entertainment, which would be cheaper and make better telly)
Horrible Histories  (had no idea these were by the BBC, and darkly suspect that possibly if they weren't they might well have simply come out published by someone else) 
Dennis Potter
Two Ronnies
The Thick of It
Radio 3
Open University  (don't know whether to bold or strikethrough this - depends on the program!) 
Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo
Round the Horne
Goon Show
Blakes 7
Dick and Dom
Last Night of the Proms
Gardeners' Question Time (I should make more of an effort to listen really, always enjoy this when it is on)
Last of the Summer Wine  
Steptoe and Son
The Young Ones
Edge of Darkness
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy  - (YAY le Carre!  And both the TV and radio versions really reflect the books beautifully) 
Letter from America
The Mighty Boosh
Panorama (another one like the OU that is both bold and strikethrough on occasion!) 
Bagpuss  - there should be an extra level of bold to express my love of Bagpuss. )
I Claudius
Absolutely Fabulous
John Motson 
Red Dwarf  (though due to philmophlegm's love of Red Dwarf, I have seen too many repeats of it and it's kind of knocked the shine off. Loved it when it first came out though) 
Our Friends in the North
Culture Show
Woman's Hour - I find Woman's hour really quite annoying and always end up shouting at the radio. 
Charlie and Lola
Alan Partridge ( I really cannot stand Alan Partridge and all his works) 
News at 6 o'clock ( does anyone love the news that much...?) 
Live Aid 
Likely Lads
Michael Palin
No ads  (like philmophlegm, I am slightly dubious about this claim.   The BBC does a *lot* of advertising for its own products - in my view, beyond the needs of awareness, into self-promotion/congratulation territory. I also feel a bit uncomfortable with the suggestion that all advertising is intrinsically bad: British TV advertising is often very talented and creative and has itself produced a lot of well loved characters and stories that are also part of our culture just as much as the BBC is. )

This Life
That's Life (thank goodness this no longer exists!) 
Life on Earth  (WOW AWESOME, worth price of admission on its own) 
The Good Life
Captain Pugwash
Tony Hart (and Morph!  I want to be able to vote Morph!) 
Til Death do us Part
Ken Bruce
News Quiz (I quite like the news quiz, but it's just a bit too pleased with itself and feels a bit lazy for me to quite want to bold it) 
Keeping Up Appearances
Who do you think you are?
Kirsty Wark
Jeremy Paxman (I don't know why I like Paxman, but I do.  He's just SO rude.)
Tripods - I'd like to bold this, but can't really remember it well enough, I keep thinking of the books instead. 
Fireman Sam
The Ascent of Man
One Foot in the Grave (if only for that bit where he goes to answer the phone and finds he has picked up a tiny dachshund.  There is no comedy that is not enhanced by a very very small dachshund puppy.   And for the last episode ever with the Wilburies soundtrack). 
Armstrong and Miller
Mitchell and Webb (love may be a bit strong, but they are very watchable) 

Antiques Roadshow
David Attenborough (who DOESN'T like him?  He's great!) 
Bruce Forsyth  (would like to drop Forsyth off at the OAP's home with Parkinson.  Never very good and now well past sell-by-date. 
The League of Gentlemen (I know this is technically a well written clever series with a lot of strong points.  I just cannot like it though). 
Have I Got News for You
Hairy Bikers
Being Human
In the Night Garden
You & Me (Me & You)
Monty Python
Doctor Who  (and sorry classic Who people, but I  think it was right to cancel the sad limping thing that Old Who had become and give it a rest. The new one is so much much better for it). 
Top Gear  

Merlin (I actually quite liked the Merlin I dipped into, but haven't managed to watch enough to keep up.  Maybe one day...) 
Ivor the Engine  (I would love the BBC if all they had ever done was the work of Oliver Postgate) 
Formula 1 
Blue Peter 
Swap Shop
Five Live 
Top of the Pops
The Archers - oh this is such an irritating program.  The one thing on Radio 4 that always makes me change the channel
That Was The Week That Was
The Goodies
Songs of Praise
World at One
The Day Today
Sorry I Haven't a Clue (Oh, OK.  Apart from the Archers this would be the other one.  It's SO SMUG! ) 
Not the Nine O'Clock News
Mr Men 
East Enders  
Gary Lineker
Radio 1
Radio 2
Ripping Yarns
Johnny Ball
Test Match Special - basically I turn off all sport on principle, apart just possibly from TV cycle races in scenic locations. 
Bergerac (was Bergerac really BBC?  It seems so ITV-ish!) 
Perfect Day (now, we've had 'no ads' as a good thing - now though, we are praising the Corporation for what is definitely, though very stylishly created - an ad.  Touch of the old double standards there.    Mind you, that is quite a British sort of attitude. Ads are OK as long as there's no direct link to Vile Commerce).
Radio Active
Howard's Way
Jeremy Hardy
Final Score
Only Fools and Horses
Sky at Night 
Shooting Stars
Pete and Dud
Life on Mars
Radcliffe and Maconie
A Bit of Fry and Laurie
Children in Need Appeal
Douglas Adams
John Peel

Philmophlegm would like Torchwood to be in there so he could put it in italics, whereas I would like it in there so I can make it bold.  Which proves the point about not being able to please all the people all the time.  
Also, if there had been Gardener's World, the Chelsea flower show and James May building a railway from Barnstaple to Bideford, they would all have been bold for me as well. Ooh, and Noggin the Nog and the Pogles... 
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