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 My objective for last week was to try to teach Duke 'Down' and 'stay'.  It's not gone particularly well.  I got distracted and tried to teach him to 'target' the end of a pencil with his nose : he's quite good at that, but the down and stay is - well it's sort of there.  Barely.  For about a second max. 

I did manage to get this : 

but Duke got up again almost immediately afterwards, and I think this is more of a tribute to Molls & Az doing what they were told with good timing than Duke! 

In other news: more frost again!  I MUST get that orchid that has been outside for the summer back in.  So far the frost has not come to the house, but it's only a matter of time. 


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25th Oct, 2010 11:23 (UTC)
I have a similar problem with Pip - nearly every photograph I've ever taken of him is blurred with movement, usually as he comes up and sticks his nose in the lens. At least you managed to get photographic evidence of a down-stay!
25th Oct, 2010 11:39 (UTC)
I am sorely tempted to blame boy-brains. Look at Az off with the fairies and Duke fiddling with his muzzle. And then Mollydog in the middle *FOCUSSED!* ready at any moment to obey any command (as long as there is a sausage in it for her).

I keep finding myself saying to the Lurcher Lads : 'why can't you be more like Mollydog??' :-D
25th Oct, 2010 19:07 (UTC)
Given that only one in three was actually paying attention, I call that a result!

Duke looks huge. Is he really that much bigger or is it just because he's nearer the camera?
25th Oct, 2010 19:47 (UTC)
When he was neutered, he was 34 kg: Molls is just under 28kg and I think Az is about 24. I think Duke may have put on a little more since then. So it's partly the photo, but he is one big dog!

We've just got back from training class where he did ever so well on his first attempt at a 'go to mat' exercise: I was so proud of him!
27th Oct, 2010 14:48 (UTC)
Well if that's what you call a fail....?
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