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Dear Co-op

You asked me, through the medium of your magic Questioning Card Machine, whether your staff were well presented. 

I said yes, because I did not want them to get in trouble. 

The truth is, that they were not, through no fault of their own.  It would be difficult for anyone to look well presented in that uniform, and the addition of at least three multicoloured badges per staff member inviting me to ask them about membership, telling me their name, and saying that they have to ask about my age, does not help the visual effect. 

However, a more fundamental point is that I do not really care if they are wearing a top hat and tails, elderly jeans, woolly jumpers,  black leather, or psychodelic minidresses (possibly, I would have a slight preference for the woolly jumpers.  I like woolly jumpers).    None of those things would bother me *one whit* nor would they affect my purchases of cucumbers and beetroot.

What does affect my purchases of these things is when the shelves are empty of the items I desire.

I would have thought that this is something that your QCM could usefully ask about without calling on me to make aesthetic judgements on matters about which I care not at all, or reflecting on your checkout staff who, so far as I can tell, appear to be doing their job to the best of their ability. 

*afterthought*  I wonder if they actually collect and use the data from all the questions, or if it's purely there to give the customers a feeling of having Made Their Point?  
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