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Operation Sow's Ear to Purse 12: Training and Az throws a wobbly

Took Duke to first training session this evening.  Az was NOT pleased: he kept opening the door and trying to come after us, and when philmophlegm held him, he howled :-(   Though before we left, he was asleep upstairs, and when we got back, once he'd told me about how awful it was that I'd LEFT him, he went back up and is currently asleep up there!  Apparently I am supposed to be holding myself in readiness in case he needs a cuddle.  Or perhaps I am just not allowed to go out with Duke but not him? 

Duke was by far the biggest dog there, so I was pleased that although he fairly quickly lost his focus and wasn't able to do the 'stay' exercise at all, he did stay calm and walked politely past all of them.   And he did do some good sits, though I've not yet worked out how to get him to  do 'down', and he also, to my total amazement, did a couple of retrieves (all the other dogs were doing them, so I think he was copying!)

Training session was in a barn usually used for exercising horses. I strongly suspect that there were rats around it somewhere, as Duke was *very* interested in the corners!  

Right at the end when all the dogs were doing retrieving, a collie puppy got very overexcited and started screaming madly at his toy.  At that point we left, because he was definitely starting to show signs of looking at the puppy as though he was a rabbit.  BUT up to that point he was fine with the tiny poodle, the jack russells and all the collies.

A trailhound was present, which I think helped. He thought she was great!

Next week we are supposed to bring a towel, a pot to put treats in,and a toy for retrieving.  I strongly suspect that Duke will not use any of these items as intended...
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