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FINALLY got round to replacing the old mouldy bathroom blinds with the new ones that have been waiting for an embarrassingly long time in a cupboard.  New Superduper blinds had a strangely complex mounting system and incomprehensible instructions, but philmophlegm managed to work out how they fitted together, and I put them up.  Hurray!  

Took Duke to Tavistock shopping again, to practice walking past on-lead dogs politely.  This went pretty well.  As he also had two offlead walks today , he is now flat out.  The morning walk was a good hour and a half involving meeting a lot of other dogs (mostly very politely, though he did leap on a Jack Russell that ran up to him. No harm done, but I would have preferred that not to happen as I suspect it helps maintain the habit :-/).

No definite home offers yet.  We have now had three enquiries about him, but none of them have gone anywhere :-(

While we were in Tav. we bought AWESOME CHEESE, meat and veg.  I  thought about buying a jumper from a friendly shop that invited Duke in to help me look at jumpers, but after much agonising, decided not to .

The fire is on for the first time this autumn, and obviously Perl is taking up most of the space in front of it...
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