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Saucepan of Disaster and other domestic conundrums

 There is one saucepan that we own in which I  burn whatever I am cooking about 50% of the time.  It seems that putting stuff in that saucepan produces in me an irresistible desire to wander away, leaving it on the heat and not come back in time to prevent incineration.

Domestic conundrums

Will the dogs like singed scrambled eggs?

How come a cast iron griddle isn't suitable for an induction hob?  Surely if it is cast iron, it must be magnetic?

Why do all induction-friendly frying pans come lined with Teflon?

Why after years of drinking exclusively coffee, have I suddenly developed an Earl Grey Tea habit?

Do I need a teapot? 

What happened to the teapot that I owned once upon a time? 
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