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Doop Art & Domesticity

Sighthound Welfare Trust are having an auction for Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (they work with Bristol DAWG, the rescue that Duke belongs to: the Cork group do the sharp end stuff in the Irish pounds, Bristol DAWG concentrates on getting dogs into homes here in the UK where more people are open to thinking of sighthounds as pets).

I got a couple of painting ideas, so I thought I would make them up and see if they were worth auctioning.  I'm not sure.  I might offer them anyway, but be prepared for nobody to bid!  :-/

The backdrop is the sun setting over Bodmin moor.  I have this as a photo, but put a different Doop in it because he looks more impressive trotting.

This is from a photo of Doop shortly after he'd had a shower and was rolling around being silly and getting dry afterwards.

In other news, I have re-felted the shed roof and pruned the grape vine (only had one bunch of grapes of it yet, but there's another bigger bunch ripening), while philmophlegm heroically mowed the annoyingly-too-long-and-dewy grass.   It remains to be seen if the renewed shed roof will really last for the 15 years promised on the roll of roofing felt.  

Yesterday we had lunch with my mother and sister at a new restaurant in Tavistock (Tavi has SO MANY cafes & restaurants!) called The Terrace.   The food was rather gorgeous, and there were more veggie options than are often available in Tavi, which is definitely a meat-eating kind of place. 

However, it was phenomenally slow!  We bought a 2-hour parking ticket and were wondering if it would be enough - it was a good hour before we got our food.  The people at the next table left in a huff.   But we were in no rush, and had a good chat, then enjoyed the food when it finally arrived.  We didnt' dare order a dessert though, we didn't have enough parking left to wait another hour for it!
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