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Operation Sow's Ear to Purse 10: Video Clip

Duke (or as I can't help feeling fits him better: Doop) has come on by leaps and bounds. He's now pretty reliably coming when called, and although I'm still not entirely comfortable about his interaction with smaller dogs, I'm hopeful that we'll get there in the end. He is definitely becoming increasingly active and needing more exercise (and enjoying playing too). He still can't take a hint (such as 'MOVE DOOP!' (push), and is a Wall of Dog all on his own.

He was neutered last Monday ( I felt terrible: he trotted in so happily without a backward look at me, then he was so sad and droopy when he came home!) and needs to have his stitches out this week. So far no real signs of any behavioural change - though now I think about it, we met some dogs today off lead (robust larger ones and he had his muzzle on) and he didn't make any attempt to mount them, which is a bit of a change.

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