bunn (bunn) wrote,

A visit to Athfuashhok'kh

I don't know why science fictional role playing destinations need to have so many apostrophes and generally unpronounceable hiccups. But Athfuashhok'kh was where we were going, and Athfuashhok'kh was where we went.

Anyway, the party solved (mostly) a problem involving Space Spores, which reminded me (though oddly not the GM of the adventure) of one of the works of Andre Norton...' Plague Ship' is it?  Sadly Bacchus was unable to attend due to a mixup with dates, but was at least able to attend a couple of days by Skype, but PwwbBihhaLJ, LoA and Pellinor were there for the whole thing, tripping over dogs and arguing fiercely as has become habitual....

We visited a spectacular desert planet where my Ithklur character 'Ass' became a sort of lizard version of Lawrence of Arabia (including learning to ride a three legged camel) while the duller and more hardworking members of the party fought off a fleet of clone warriors and did political things that my character didn't really understand (well, he did leave primary school prematurely: the whole political thing was a bit beyond him).  

I was most amused that in both adventures we'd managed to overlook something fairly huge.  Most of the time I was deliberately playing dumb, so didn't feel at all miffed.  It would have been quite out of character for me to have worked out the puzzles, after all.  It was quite nice that all the clever characters totally failed to notice that the Desert Natives we were talking to were actually all robots though.  Very restful to the brain to be playing a character with very little of it...   

For some reason in 'Traveller' if your education is poor then you are permanently handicapped even in skills like 'brawling' which are not generally taught at school (though actually thinking about it, primary school is probably the time of my life when I got experience of 'brawling' if ever...   Hurray for indifferent state primary schools!)

Anyway, a good time was had by all: possibly a bit too good, on the last night three of us foolishly drank cocktails concocted by philmophlegm. We really should know better by now.

I reckon they would have been pretty lethal on a healthy metabolism, but I'd had a sort of lurking cold all week. This took advantage of the hangover to give me a horrible case of the lurgi which had me in bed shivering and groaning for two days. One bright side though. I ate far too much last week, so eating nothing at all from Sunday to Tuesday was a good counterbalance!
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