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Last week the fine weather broke at last, and it got mild and moist. The frogs had been awaiting their moment..

This weekend we were going to do more garden things, but it was cold and foggy, and also my bad back still isn't quite right (though much better now Polo has made my desk more Ergonomic).

So, we descended from our cloudy eminence into Plymouth, and walked through Plym Bridge woods, where we were hoping to see some peregrine falcons. And we did! Three of them. And a raven.

Today I was bored with the local walks and it was still very foggy, so I took Mollydog down to Talland Bay (weather is so much better down by the sea). We had a paddle and then did a chunk of the coast path, where we saw a seal. As usual I stared out to sea for ages looking for dolphins, and as usual, didn't see any. I reckon there is some sort of dolphin early warning system that lets them know to go right out to sea whenever I am visiting the coast...

Still, the seal was a good big one - and on the way back we passed something that I am 80% sure was a goshawk. OK, it could have been a small, oddly coloured buzzard sitting in a strange pose - but I think it was a goshawk. Hurray!

I decided on Talland Bay because there has been an ongoing battle there to prevent the building of a small 'holiday village', so I thought I'd see what it was like before it all gets built on. Having been there, I'm less convinced about the righteousness of the cause. The proposed site is a caravan park with static caravans *already* - it's not really a greenfield site - and what's more it is at least tucked nicely down into the valley and surrounded by trees and stone banks - rather than being a massive eye-sore like the THREE massive and totally unobscured caravan parks situated on the surrounding hills.

On the other hand, it would be permanent concreting, rather than temporary stuff on grass, and it would probably be a more 4-seasons thing, so the bay wouldn't get a rest in the winter.

One thing I was pleased to discover en route is that there is a village near Looe called Barcelona. Puts a whole new perspective on the origins of Manuel.


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