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A weekend of bits and pieces

I finished reading 'Name of the Wind' by Patrick Rothfuss.  I enjoyed it.  You could tell it was a first novel - the writing occasionally seemed a little clumsy, and the central idea that the story was being told by one of the central protagonists when older didn't quite work at times, the feel was slightly wrong.  But on the whole, great story, well told, will definitely read the next one when it comes out. 

I made rather caramelly rowan jelly.  I made it on Friday, actually, but found that the apples that I'd used obviously weren't pectinny enough - even boiling for ages produced something that was closer to a syrup than a jelly.  So I picked a big bag of crabapples on a dogwalk, and boiled them down, then added the juice.  Result still rather caramelly from all the previous boiling, but full of flavour! 

I made a venison pie (with last year's rowan jelly) and some more blackberry liqueur

I walked hounds and ate a lot of blackberries and hazelnuts.

We went to a book fair and I bought a Rosemary Sutcliff and a John Buchan (with a remarkably, ehem, 'period attitude' first paragraph). 

Duke's cat training is coming along quite well, but he's not reliable enough to be allowed off lead in the house yet.   He also needs more work on being left: he tends to cry and make puppy noises when he can't see me, the gormless big doofus.   I've contacted a local trainer about taking him to classes, but there are no spaces for the next class so we are on our own for a while.  He has definitely put on some weight and I am hoping to get him neutered probably next week. 

I wanted to do some gardening, finish a painting,  and put up new blinds in the bathroom, but haven't.  Eh. 
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