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Duke is doing a pretty nifty sit now:

but he is still a bit confused by the idea of doing it outside the house.  He's quite relaxed and has a nice smile:

The Honking Geese arrived, so I went out to an enclosed out of the way spot to try getting him to chase them. This did not go as well as I had hoped.  First Az took the goose  and Duke ignored it. 

I rushed about a bit playing with geese, and managed to interest another dog. Sadly, it was again the wrong dog.

I tried attaching one of the geese to the flexi lead so I could make it go really fast!
But it was ignored until I started to pick the geese up, which got the prey drive of a ferocious beast going.   Unfortunately, it still wasn't the ferocious beast I was aiming for!  Duke just wanted a cuddle more than a goose. 



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1st Sep, 2010 21:02 (UTC)
Oh dear! Duke does look a lovely dog though so hopefully everything will work out for him.
2nd Sep, 2010 09:14 (UTC)
LOL Duke has such a martyred expression in that last shot...
2nd Sep, 2010 10:47 (UTC)
It's a hard life, living with two such frivolous and disgraceful old dogs... :-D
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    Thank you! I may try it later today then.
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    My sourdough also isn't big on the doubling in size - and it does make good bread. I think you can probably give bread a go.
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    I'm not sure whether we were in Tier 1 or 2 at that point...

    LOL. Yeah, I've given up all hope of making sense of these shifty weird rules.

    Love all the waterside encounters!
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    Wow! We get huge aircraft carriers in Brooklyn occasionally but I have never shared the water with one.
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