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First impatiens seedlings were showing this morning...

Went to Polo's Great Aunty J's Golden Wedding party. Had previously considered G-A J and G-U Ted to be relatives who ranked fairly high on the Relativometer (calibrated with a high of Polo's cheerful friendly sensible Aunty Jen, and an all-time low of my gloomy bitter and manipulative Gran (deceased). So was rather shocked when G-A J launched into an unprovoked rant on 'Black People and How They Can't be Trusted'. I guess she is very very old, and so are her attitudes. Still: !!!

Mollydog is now rather tentatively chasing the ball, though I still can't get her to pick it up. Polo theorises that a fuzzy ball may be better than the rubbery one on a rope. She does like picking up her fuzzy toys... Will try this.

Sunday - planted three sorts of Sweet Pea (Allbutt Blue, Fragrant Skies, Sweetie Purple) In accordance with my resolution not to plant more seeds than I can reasonably nurture, I've planted only 1 pot of A-B and F_S - 2 pots of Sweetie, as it's a dwarf hanging basket variety, so should be easier to find space for.

Turned the compost heap and mulched the rhubarb too. Go me!
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