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A foster lurcher is imminent

I've just agreed to take a foster lurcher for Bristol Dog Action Welfare Group for a change rather than Oldies (Oldies has no dogs needing foster in the SW at the moment, they are all up in the North East where we have piles of them and very few foster homes.  Most frustrating. 

Anyway, this chap is slightly too young to be an oldie, thought to be about 6, but he's in a right old state. Apparently he was pulled from an Irish pound where the poundies don't even get FED during their 5 days before they are put to sleep. This seems incredibly cruel: would almost be kinder to put them to sleep immediately on admittance - but that would be very hard on people whose dogs were lost and wanted them back.  And of course it would give rescues no time to move the dogs out to locations where the dogs will be wanted, either. 

This is Duke:

I am a bit worried I have bit off more than I can chew, as have never had to care for a dog in such a state, plus there is the usual 'how will he get on with my hounds and the cats' worry - but my theory is, you only learn by trying stuff.   The swellings on his bum are apparently solid rather than liquid filled, and a vet has recommended just giving them some time to heal rather than opening them up. 

Duke is not yet neutered, which is a bit of a worry as in the past Az has not been too keen on dogs with testicles.  However, Az has quietened down a lot in the last 6 months and nowadays simply ignores dogs that he would previously have grumped at. So I am hoping that given suitable incentives he will come round to Duke.  Duke is apparently very good with other dogs and very much enjoys their company.  

I think Molls will love him, but Az may have his nose a bit out of joint, which in a way is only fair as up to now I've only fostered bitches and Az has really enjoyed having them about, while poor Moll has had to be longsuffering and tolerant.  (Apparently my hounds have very traditional views when it comes to relations between the sexes.  I have discreetly enquired about Duke, and apparently his current buddy of choice in kennels is a bitch, so with a bit of luck Az will not have his conventional sensibilities outraged by the arrival of a gay gentleman dog who will make undesired advances.  )
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