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Gardening fail

 Went out to garden at 3:40pm.  Filled three tubtrugs to the brim with weeds.  By 4:30pm  I was hot, damp, itchy and being intermittently tormented by a horsefly.   I surrendered the garden to the horsefly and fled back into house with my trophies, a trugload of apples and three ripe figs.

If I could just bring myself to put in 3-4 hours together at this time of year I would have the garden pretty much under my thumb, but I just hate gardening when it's hot and wet.  It's no fun.   So everything is horribly shaggy, and of course when it is shaggy, it holds the wet more.  


One strange thing I found.  I hacked my way past the Millennium Lime Stool (must coppice that again, it's getting tall)  and discovered that a tree that I'd previously considered to be a non-productive sucker from some long-vanished plum tree has actually made some plums!  They are quite little, but a good dark purple.   I must try hacking everything else down around that tree.  Maybe it will do it again next year. 
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