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Lost ending dream woe

I had a great dream last night that was a whodunnit.  It was very exciting and pacy with lots of red herrings and a side-order of angst. I played the amateur detective, and was greatly enjoying it.

I got to what felt like probably the last but one chapter, when it was all about to make sense, so the villain tried to bump me off but was fortunately scared off at the crucial moment, as so often occurs.   So I was rather achy from being thumped, but was seizing the chance to sit down while having a chat to collect clues from one of the other characters -  and was about to recover and discover what the whole thing was all about .

And then I woke up!  So I will never know which of the sympathetic-characters-who-nonetheless-did-something-quite-suspicious was the villain - or was it the unsympathetic-nasty-but- seemingly-innocent-one?  Aaaaaargh! 

To add insult to injury, I still feel all achey.  I am assuming that I've got some sort of  bug rather than that the villain actually did beat me up, as there appear to be no bruises...


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15th Aug, 2010 08:46 (UTC)
Aarg! I hate that sort of thing. Occasionally I dream whole movie/show plots and fail to remember them in the morning. Probably they are not as coherent as they seem at the time.
16th Aug, 2010 11:06 (UTC)

I wrote down an outline of what happened, and although the locations slipped incoherently, the basic plot seemed to hold up...

But I suspect it will all turn into dry leaves if I try to actually write it up properly, and I would end up with the detective fiction equivalent of The Greatest Song in the World (Tribute) :-D
15th Aug, 2010 09:08 (UTC)
I only got as far as chapter three in the young adult mystery/coming-of-age romance that I dreamt. Now I'll never discover the significance of the goat in the castle moat. The author drew our attention to it every few pages, so it was obviously going to be pivotal.
16th Aug, 2010 11:08 (UTC)
Hmm. The Goat in the Moat has a strangely philmophlegmish ring to it. =:-o

But I don't think he has previously scripted any Young Adult romances, or, one hopes, come up with a way of broadcasting them via dreams.
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