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Boarding old dogs - I'd be barking mad to use this service!

I've been trying to sort out boarding for Mollydog and Az (yes, again!)   I don't go away much, but from time to time it's nice to have a weekend away without hounds.

They used to go to a home-based boarding place locally, but the problem with that is that they do fairly long walks there.  They did well for a while, but it's just too much for them now.  They can really only cope with a mile or so, and so need a place that understands that mostly what they want is to mooch about gently and snuggle in their beanbags and have a gentle trot a couple times a day.  Last time Mollydog just slept and slept after she got back; she was shattered. 

So I contacted these people: www.barkingmad.uk.com.   It all sounded great to start with, they match you up with what is more or less a paid foster home, selected for the needs of the dogs.  They can stay with another dog in his own home, or with someone that doesn't have dogs at all.

We had a good chat about the hounds needs, and  it all sounded fine.  It was a bit pricy at £30 to register and then £29 a night for the two of them, but I can afford that for the right place (I don't travel much!).  It seemed well worth it, as Az has separation anxiety problems and is afraid of traffic, which rules a lot of places out as he does need a quiet place where there are people about a lot of the time. 

But then she said that they have an absolute rule that they pick the dogs up and deliver them back again. You never get to meet the people who will be looking after them, and have no idea where they are taken!

That seems like a hell of a risk to me!  If my hounds are going somewhere to stay, then I absolutely want to know where they are, what the setup is, and have met their carers, I don't want to even consider anywhere where they turn up at your house and just take the dogs away. How would you know where they had gone?  They could put them into a cheap kennels for all I'd know!

In other news, teeny Susie Shortlegs has gone to her new home today.   It seems rather quiet without her bustling about grabbing at flies. 
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