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State of the garden in July

It's all looking depressingly shaggy out there now that the campanulas and roses are over.  I have to admit I have a major weakness when it comes to gardening in late June / July, which is that I just can't summon up the energy when it's hot, so everything goes bushy and gets overgrown.   Then, when it rains, I tell myself that everything is so shaggy I'll get totally soaked out if I go out there to chop at it while it's still wet, and things go from bad to worse!   I actually enjoy it when I manage to motivate myself to get out there, so I don't know why I keep putting it off...

On the positive side, the blackberry that I failed to remove from the greenhouse is now covered in berries ripe a good two weeks before anything else in the area, and the buddleia is in bloom and covered in Red Admirals and bumble bees.  I saw a honey bee on there this morning as well! *

And the pumpkins and squashes seem to be doing well, I have plenty of basil and tomatoes in the greenhouse and  in the other side of the strawberry bed, there is a riot of nasturtians.  You are supposed to be able to eat nasturtian seeds 'like capers'.  Must try this. 

Up on the hill there are loads of rather nice whortleberries. I am scoffing them by the handful on walks, and must try to remember to take a pot of some sort so I can grab more to make muffins.  And possibly, Jelly. 

*Slightly saddened that a single honey bee now merits a yay.  5,000 years of domestication and now English honey costs a fiver a jar. 


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23rd Jul, 2010 10:40 (UTC)
There's a tree next to Coppin's Bridge in Newport that I pass on the way to the Jobcentre, that has huge crowds of honeybees round it. It's so tempting to stick a hand in there to see if it's full of honey :-)
23rd Jul, 2010 11:32 (UTC)

I wonder if a beekeeper will come and take them into custody?
23rd Jul, 2010 12:37 (UTC)
It's so tempting to stick a hand in there to see if it's full of honey

In chainmail, presumably? ;-)
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