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Things not to feed the stumpy dog.

 Poor little Susie Shortlegs has been very much under the weather.  She had a major attack of vomiting on Thursday and was very lethargic and unhappy,  bounced back to some extent, but wasn't keen to eat over the weekend, and now has a really horrible case of the runs. 

I had her back to the vet today because this was dragging on, and now have probiotics and antibiotics to try to get her tum back in shape.   Vet thought she'd eaten something  that disagreed with her, and I couldn't work out what that could be, as I've tried to stick more or less to what she was eating with her previous owner (Butcher's tinned food and cooked lamb's liver). 

I've just realised, however, that on Wednesday evening, I gave her a very small dried pig's ear, which she ate with enormous enthusiasm.   I bet that's what it was.  DOH!  Major mistake!  

Anyway, fingers crossed that the various treatments will sort her out.  And note to self: even if foster dog does have rather stained teeth, pig's ear is a high-risk way to try to clean them!  Stick to tripe.  
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