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Susie Shortlegs the foster Corgish

Susie Shortlegs was originally a Lucy, but Oldies Club already have two Lucies seeking homes, so I've renamed her.   She answers to Susie, so presumably it sounds close enough.  I offered to take her because her elderly owner is going into hospital and will be unable to look after her afterwards, so the timing to get her into a foster home was rather tight.  

She is rather chunky, and rather unfit at the moment, but she likes her walks and is quite picky about food so with a bit of luck that won't last.  She won't touch kibble, so I'm keeping her on tinned stuff and occasional chewy things for her teeth. She is a small dog so I don't think a tin of Butcher's a day is going to break anyone's bank too badly.    

She came with the most amazing HUGE bag of treats: there are 3 hundred-packs, plus bags and bags and bags of puffed jerky, dried meat sticks and other treats.   Obviously, she has spurned all of them and would rather have tripe sticks from our Big Box O' Tripe...  Oh, and I almost forgot - four enormous packs of frozen liver. 

Mark's Foster Dog review is the most positive yet: : "Inoffensive: All dogs should be this small and quiet' he says.    Susie Shortlegs is not only short enough to walk underneath the hounds.  She is short enough that Kjetil and Henning the Mighty Mogs look down on her! 

I do like fostering dogs.  You get to try out all shapes and sizes!
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